Sunday, February 27, 2011

Social Class

During the Yuan Dynasty Social Class was very important and enforced. The order of Social Class, people with certain jobs where considered lower class such as physicians astronomers, military forces, engineers, musicians. These jobs were considered lower payed jobs, because no one wanted to hire anyone in these careers because the only way you could have money and be considered high class was if you worked for the government. Which made these jobs seem lower payed jobs, and surprisingly some of the careers considered lower class are now considered very well payed jobs. It was clear to the Chinese that the Mongolians favored other foreigners then having a Chinese person in a good  upper class, because of the fear of the Chinese people gaining to much power which encouraged the Mongols to hire foreigners to work as government officials and such.
                   Upper Class =            MONGOLS                                     

                   Middle Class =         FOREIGNERS AND MISCELLANEOUS

                 Lower Class=         ARCHITECTS, PHYSICIANS, MILITARY FORCE 

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  1. Good info, but still needs a little work. You have one serious run-on sentence. The class structure thingy at the bottom may need to be reformatted, It's confusing and hard to read.