Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kublai khan new emperor and plans

Today Kublai Khan has been pronounced emperor. His crowning took place in his new palace. He has been pronounced greatest descendant of Genghis Khan. Before he became emperor he the governor of northern China, while relying on the advice of the Confucian scholars, now today he has become emperor.

He named his dynasty the Yuan dynasty because it appeared in the The Book Of Changes written by a Confucian scholars. Kublai hopes that his followers see that he is wanting to learn their culture to help them have a better safer nation. His 1st declared business as emperor is to change the capital from Karakorum to a site near the ruins of Jin capital, the new city is going to be known as Dadu meaning new capital. He plans to make it the most luxurious city, he plans to have nine streets going east and west and residential areas split into 50 neighborhoods called Fangs. In the city area will be a relaxed peaceful garden filled with ponds exotic fish and natures beauty. In the middle of this beautiful park will be Kublai palace more then 4,000 rooms his palace will also include 12 entering gates.

Kublai number one goal as emperor is to take over the richest part of China the Yangzi River Valley. But fighting over land is not going to be an easy task especially with trying to enforce a confusansim government. He hopes to take over the Yangzi river valley to have more means of not only transportation but to have more trade routes and have the Yuan dynasty known to foreigners. Taking over the Yangzi River Valley will not only help people economical situation and have less starving families but it will help get the name of the Yuan Dynasty out to the rest of the world and opportunities to make alliances with other countries.


  1. This is good, but still needs some proofreading and polishing.

  2. Still needs careful editing. Also, you might want to use the word "coronation" instead of crowning.