Monday, February 14, 2011

Kublai new emperor !

         China is proud to present our new emperor Kublai Khan! Not only did he win China over with his years of experience in government, he also held the most extravagant crowning China has seen in 2 decades he opened his crowning to the public in our nations capital (Karakorum). His memorable speech was the speech of the decade he not only let us into his palace as invited guest, he also talked to many of china residents asking them what would make them feel like their nation is a stronger more stable nation and here are some of the conversations.
Kublai khan: “ hello young lady you look like you have a lot to say about your nations what are something that you think would make you feel more comfortable and safe in your own nation?”
Lin Hang (former resident): “Well first of all, it is an honor to meet you emperor Khan! But in order to for you to help our nation laws should be developed to help the poor the people of all small village including mine shin hen (lucky). For example we mark our cows and chicken but recently our chickens and cows have been stolen from other small villages. A law to help us could be to not take cows that have a mark showing ownership.”
Kublai Khan: “ I will be sure to help your small village and other small villages thank you for you time young lady.”
Kublai Khan speech referred to his past jobs in politics such as being the governor of northern China. He also talked about his strive to emperor and gave a big thanks to our nations and his brother who helped him become emperor. So now I say to you my readers we now have a chance to be the best country in our nation!


  1. This sounds more like an editorial. I'd keep this and polish it as my editorial and write a news article (without opinion). Please check the first sentence. This doesn't fit in wither format. Also, integrate quotes into body of paragraphs.

  2. You've got great information and you have definitely taken a stand. Any quotes you use should be integrated into the text, and not presented in the form of the interview. Also, please refrain from using "I". I'd make an outline of your editorial, including each piece of evidence and the explanations of each piece of evidence. That will help you organize your editorial.