Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interview with Kublai Khan

Reporter: what made you want to become emperor ?

Kublai Khan: Seeing my brother being such a strong believer/ follower of Geghis Khan, made me want to follow him and his powerful way, of leading people.

Reporter: Why do you want a confucian government?

Kublai khan: I want a confucian government, because this gives our nation an opportunity to comprise with other nations, as well as out children have more of a calm equal chance of education, they no longer have to have the pressure to out shine their peers.

Reporter: How do you plan to conquer land if you’re running a confusious government?

Kublai Khan: I plan to come up with a comprise with other nations or slowly buy or trade land. But I do not plan to have wars over land unless absolutely necessary.

Reporter: Why do you want to conquer the Yangzi River?

Kublai Khan: I would like to conquer the Yangzi River to gain more trade routes and opportunities of transportation as well as this would give us an opportunity for irrigation to take place, giving us a chance to better our economy.

Reporter: Why did you change the capital?

Kublai Khan: I changed the capital because where the capital is located now we have a faster connection to travel and trade with other nations. Where the old capital it would take longer to get connection with other nations and it would take us longer to get to water borders in case of an emergency.


  1. Great info! I do have a couple of suggestions (of course). I'd move the questions about why he wants to be emperor to the top. You need to edit for capitalization, and instead of saying "Confucius" government, you should say "Confucian". Nice work, Sophia.

  2. Much better order. Please recheck for capitalization.