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Social Class

During the Yuan Dynasty Social Class was very important and enforced. The order of Social Class, people with certain jobs where considered lower class such as physicians astronomers, military forces, engineers, musicians. These jobs were considered lower payed jobs, because no one wanted to hire anyone in these careers because the only way you could have money and be considered high class was if you worked for the government. Which made these jobs seem lower payed jobs, and surprisingly some of the careers considered lower class are now considered very well payed jobs. It was clear to the Chinese that the Mongolians favored other foreigners then having a Chinese person in a good  upper class, because of the fear of the Chinese people gaining to much power which encouraged the Mongols to hire foreigners to work as government officials and such.
                   Upper Class =            MONGOLS                                     

                   Middle Class =         FOREIGNERS AND MISCELLANEOUS

                 Lower Class=         ARCHITECTS, PHYSICIANS, MILITARY FORCE 

Invention Of The Magnetic Compass

 Yuan Dynasty magnetic compass above

One of the biggest inventions during the Yuan Dynasty was the magnetic compass. It was made out of two parts a metal spoon and a magnetic land stone with a bronze square plate at the bottom. This was one of the most important inventions in China because this helped anybody and everybody get around, so they knew in what direction they were going in. This compass works the same way as all other compasses, the spoon is attracted to the magnetic force inside the earth (the north pole), therefore the spoon would face north and travelers knew where they were headed. Once travelers from the Yuan Dynasty went on voyages and visted other nations, they showed other nations they’re creation the compass, the compass became more popular and later renovated into more modern versions used today.

 Modern compass above


During the Yuan Dynasty, they had a variety of different religions, surprisingly no one was forced to follow a specific religion. But they did favor other religions more than others, for example Mongols had a special alliance with Muslims, Muslims would take job positions that regular Chinese people wouldn’t be able to work  for. Also the Mongols didn’t agree with the Buddhist religion they believed, the way Buddhist practiced religion was not the “true” way to practice a religion. Another two religions that often bumped heads were the Confucians and the Neo-Confucians. These two religions often were practiced in opposite sides of the nation, Because they had two very different and opposite ways of seeing things and avoided contact in order, to keep peace in their nation.

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Interview with Kublai Khan

Reporter: what made you want to become emperor ?

Kublai Khan: Seeing my brother being such a strong believer/ follower of Geghis Khan, made me want to follow him and his powerful way, of leading people.

Reporter: Why do you want a confucian government?

Kublai khan: I want a confucian government, because this gives our nation an opportunity to comprise with other nations, as well as out children have more of a calm equal chance of education, they no longer have to have the pressure to out shine their peers.

Reporter: How do you plan to conquer land if you’re running a confusious government?

Kublai Khan: I plan to come up with a comprise with other nations or slowly buy or trade land. But I do not plan to have wars over land unless absolutely necessary.

Reporter: Why do you want to conquer the Yangzi River?

Kublai Khan: I would like to conquer the Yangzi River to gain more trade routes and opportunities of transportation as well as this would give us an opportunity for irrigation to take place, giving us a chance to better our economy.

Reporter: Why did you change the capital?

Kublai Khan: I changed the capital because where the capital is located now we have a faster connection to travel and trade with other nations. Where the old capital it would take longer to get connection with other nations and it would take us longer to get to water borders in case of an emergency.

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Kublai khan new emperor and plans

Today Kublai Khan has been pronounced emperor. His crowning took place in his new palace. He has been pronounced greatest descendant of Genghis Khan. Before he became emperor he the governor of northern China, while relying on the advice of the Confucian scholars, now today he has become emperor.

He named his dynasty the Yuan dynasty because it appeared in the The Book Of Changes written by a Confucian scholars. Kublai hopes that his followers see that he is wanting to learn their culture to help them have a better safer nation. His 1st declared business as emperor is to change the capital from Karakorum to a site near the ruins of Jin capital, the new city is going to be known as Dadu meaning new capital. He plans to make it the most luxurious city, he plans to have nine streets going east and west and residential areas split into 50 neighborhoods called Fangs. In the city area will be a relaxed peaceful garden filled with ponds exotic fish and natures beauty. In the middle of this beautiful park will be Kublai palace more then 4,000 rooms his palace will also include 12 entering gates.

Kublai number one goal as emperor is to take over the richest part of China the Yangzi River Valley. But fighting over land is not going to be an easy task especially with trying to enforce a confusansim government. He hopes to take over the Yangzi river valley to have more means of not only transportation but to have more trade routes and have the Yuan dynasty known to foreigners. Taking over the Yangzi River Valley will not only help people economical situation and have less starving families but it will help get the name of the Yuan Dynasty out to the rest of the world and opportunities to make alliances with other countries.

map of the yuan dynasty


           Map A is a picture of the Yuan Dynasty, the brown shaded area is the land ruled by the Yuan Dynasty. The thick green line is the border of the canal. The black dotted lines are the current borders of China and Mongolia. In map A Peking which is also known as Dadu was the capital during the Yuan Dynasty. In Map B Peking/Dadu is now Bejing the current capital of China. In map A and B the Pacific Ocean borders the Yuan Dynasty to the east.  In map B North Korea is no longer a part of China and neither is Mongolia.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Kublai new emperor !

         China is proud to present our new emperor Kublai Khan! Not only did he win China over with his years of experience in government, he also held the most extravagant crowning China has seen in 2 decades he opened his crowning to the public in our nations capital (Karakorum). His memorable speech was the speech of the decade he not only let us into his palace as invited guest, he also talked to many of china residents asking them what would make them feel like their nation is a stronger more stable nation and here are some of the conversations.
Kublai khan: “ hello young lady you look like you have a lot to say about your nations what are something that you think would make you feel more comfortable and safe in your own nation?”
Lin Hang (former resident): “Well first of all, it is an honor to meet you emperor Khan! But in order to for you to help our nation laws should be developed to help the poor the people of all small village including mine shin hen (lucky). For example we mark our cows and chicken but recently our chickens and cows have been stolen from other small villages. A law to help us could be to not take cows that have a mark showing ownership.”
Kublai Khan: “ I will be sure to help your small village and other small villages thank you for you time young lady.”
Kublai Khan speech referred to his past jobs in politics such as being the governor of northern China. He also talked about his strive to emperor and gave a big thanks to our nations and his brother who helped him become emperor. So now I say to you my readers we now have a chance to be the best country in our nation!