Tuesday, February 15, 2011

map of the yuan dynasty


           Map A is a picture of the Yuan Dynasty, the brown shaded area is the land ruled by the Yuan Dynasty. The thick green line is the border of the canal. The black dotted lines are the current borders of China and Mongolia. In map A Peking which is also known as Dadu was the capital during the Yuan Dynasty. In Map B Peking/Dadu is now Bejing the current capital of China. In map A and B the Pacific Ocean borders the Yuan Dynasty to the east.  In map B North Korea is no longer a part of China and neither is Mongolia.



  1. This is a good start, but you need a little more descriptive information. Also, please edit for capitalization, etc.

  2. This looks great, but still has a couple of errors. "green line is the canal", "In Map A, Peking (also known as Dadu during the Yuan Dynasty) was the capital.The modern capital, Beijing, can be found on Map B". ..or something like that...

  3. You still need a little editing. Please see my first comment for guidance. Almost there. : )